Environmental, Health and Safety

A.&H. Construction & Developments Plc regards Environmental, Health and Safety as the pinnacle of our business.

Environmental, Health and Safety will always be our first concern, not targets and no work will take place until we are absolutely confident that it can be done as a safe operation.

We strive to protect all persons who may be affected by our works, including our direct employees, contractor’s and members of the public.

As a business, we are always looking at ways of how we can improve our management procedures relating to Environmental, Health and Safety and know that strong leadership is the key to driving and implementing our company standards.

Environmental, Social & Governance

At A&H Construction our mission is to leave the world around us better than we found it, by creating exceptional work environments that boost staff wellbeing and business productivity, but proactively supporting the communities and habitats around us.

With more than 35 years of experience in the design and build sector, we have honed our knowledge and processes to achieve the best results for our clients. Understanding that each project we undertake exists within a wider social and environmental ecosystem, we use that knowledge, experience, and our ongoing desire for learning and improvement, to deliver sustainable construction solutions.


We’re committed to constantly and proactively improving the sustainability of our design and build practices, as well as ensuring we’re making a positive impact on the people and the environment around us, by taking a multifaceted and considered approach to all of our actions and activities.

From the use of environmentally sustainable materials in the manufacturing process and materials from sustainable sources, through to the design of environmentally sustainable, energy efficient, buildings and minimisation of pollution during the construction process.

Net Zero Carbon

Never before has it been so important to acknowledge the repercussions of our culture and behaviour on our environment, and to do all we can to diminish the consequences. We have successfully completed many projects which are net zero carbon in construction, most notably the UK’s first NZC DPD Depot in Bicester.

TS Bichester DPD Symmetry Park Bicester

We are proficient in measuring the carbon utilised in the construction of a project and identifying practices and products which provide a reduction.

We are currently obtaining our Plant Mark Business Certification, which is an internationally recognised symbol of sustainability progress demonstrating our business’ commitment to measuring and reducing our carbon emissions.

Staff Wellbeing

We take pride in bringing together a diverse group of inspiring individuals with a wide range of skills, to provide you with a complete team of design and build experts. We believe in the importance of supporting our people professionally and personally, providing the best working environment, equipment and facilities available, so they can perform at their best.

In addition to creating an environment for staff wellness, we nurture a culture of support within our team. This includes getting involved with multiple awareness campaigns and events throughout the year to promote staff wellbeing.

Social Value

We believe in stepping up and making the changes we want to see in the world. We are very proud of the work our team does to support those in need. We have a long history of engaging with charities and community organisations from participation in events raising sponsorship, monetary donations and assistance in the maintenance of facilities. Along with our supply chain we have volunteered our time to support community initiatives such as foodbanks, the regeneration of green spaces, creation of mud kitchens from left over pallets for nurseries and primary schools.

Coupled with our supply chains buy-in to employ local businesses, when sub-works packages are required, we are always looking to add social value to the areas of our projects regardless of whether there is a specific project requirement.


We all know the construction industry has had a significant impact on biodiversity loss and thus the construction industry has a responsibility to play in mitigating habitat destruction. Both land use and construction practices being the main contributors to the removal of natural habitats.

As such we aim to ensure developments deliver an increase in biodiversity, a measurable approach which aims to leave the natural environment in a better state than beforehand.

The right choice for any sector

With a dedicated and highly experienced team of directors, project managers and administration staff, you can depend upon A&H to ensure the smooth running of each project of any size and for any market sector.